During the 3-hour tour, we will walk and explore the city, collecting “rubbings” along the way from iconic places all around New York. Kennedy has a passion for the city and will introduce you to its hidden historical gems. You will nurture your creativity as you make a one-of-a-kind piece of art. Don’t worry if you can’t even draw a stick figure - making impressions is easy and we’ll help you realize your full potential as a “city impressionist.” New York Impressions have as much personality and character as the city itself, and each one is unique as the person who makes it - you! It’s a tour that you can take home with you.


New York Impressions will provide everything you need to make a beautiful, unique record of your tour, including colored pencils, and high-quality artist paper. Kennedy will lead the three-hour tour which includes stops at major New York landmarks including Grand Central Station, 42nd Street, Fashion Walk of Fame, Macys, Union Square.  We’ve scouted some of the most interesting historical markers in the city: histories and places most tours miss!

Just finished her impression, ready to be framed.
Take Home your very own framed impression!

Each person will create their own piece, filled with the rubbings they collect from along the 3-hour tour. Following the tour, New York Impressions will frame and bubble wrap your original pieces and they’ll be delivered to your hotel within 24 hours.  If you are not staying at a hotel, other arrangements can be made, including mailing to your home. Frames pieces measure number 10 x 20 fitting easily into the overhead bin in your plane. Our durable framing will survive travel, make your home more attractive, and serve as an entre to hours of witty storytelling. Buy New York Impressions tickets online through Zerve now!