Take home a piece of New York City

Everyone takes home photos. Here’s your chance to take home an experience. New York Impressions rubbings are like maps of places you’ve been. And since you made it, each one is as unique as you are!

The grit, the glory, the bricks of buildings where legends lived. New York Impressions is a unique guided tour, and an opportunity to make something that truly captures the feeling and history of the city.

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Meet the Tour Guide: Kennedy Moore
Kennedy Moore

All tours are guided by Kennedy Moore, a passionate New Yorker with an eye for detail, who knows the city like the back of his hand.

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New York Impressions

Or call Kennedy at: 718 737 3990

What They're Saying: Testimonials

“You have fun and a personal tour at the same time. I am always looking for unusual things to do when my family and friends visit and this heads the top of the list.”

Pat Addiss
Broadway Producer